There is nothing sexier to me than a man who is integrated in his masculine (yang) as well as his feminine (yin)…this goes both internally and externally.


Masculine- A man who has a strong sense of self, can take charge, get things done, has a purpose and is goal orientated. He values his sovereignty, spaciousness and puts his needs and the providing of something of value to the world, at the top of his priorities.
He is able to ask for what he wants and is willing to face his fears. he has integrity in that when he says he will do something, he does it. He is reliable and responsible…he owns his shit.

Feminine- A man who is willing to FEEL, flow, play. Throw the plans out the door and spontaneously go where the energy is taking him. He takes care of his beauty, his radiance, he appreciates being surrounded by beauty and contributes to its manifestation. He dances like no one is watching, isn’t afraid to swing his hips and enjoy his body at its full capacity. He makes loud pleasure sounds in sex and loves to also be submissive and receptive. he expresses the full spectrum of his emotions as they move, just like the weather.

We all have access to these parts…the nature of your genitals does not matter! These are things each and every human would get value from if they harnessed them within themselves….my own life’s journey of developing these traits in myself is so god dam delicious.

On new years i went to a party. WE dressed up and a male friend of mine wore a black g string body suit with suspenders and a sequined skirt…and might i tell you people, HE WAS SEEEXXXXXYYYYY and no it wasn’t funny haha like people often treat male cross dressers…it was hot, just as sexy as any woman wearing the same thing.

Don’t buy into the conditioning that boys do/wear this and girls that…how fucking boring…i say hell yes to more men in skirts, g bangers, floral, fishnets and no you dont have to be gay….and i also say hell yes to men expressing their feels, being more than just money makers and being filled from life from the inside out.

The more men get comfortable with both the internal and external expressions of the “feminine” the happier and more free feeling you will be in your expressions of life.

Blokes get comfortable with your inner lady, she is such a babe.

Fuck the dogmas.

Do you feel uncomfortable with men/being a man who is comfortable with the feminine inside and out?

And of course being perfectly integrated in your yin and yang traits is not always possible… we are all human, sometimes we cannot be these things or we are expressing the shadow aspects of them, are having a hard time or need to sit in the void of the unknown for a bit…that’s cool, that’s just life…no one is the perfect integration all the time.

This post also goes for the opposite sex too…same same, just change him to her or they/them…human…whatever.

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