Suurrender yourself in a mysterious journey of invoking your inner sex witch

Connect to your own intuitive knowing and prepare to descend deeply into the dark realms of the feminine mystical arts.

Explore your sexual potency and reconnect with the magic of ritual and ceremony.

Awaken and reclaim – witch

The movement of Sex Witch is underpinned by magic, mystery and sensual power.

We invite you to reclaim your own ancestry of witch- the one who knows.

To delve into the mysteries of the elements as we reawaken ritual, spellcasting and sexual alchemy.

We will explore our sexual prowess and weave magic through the flames of sensuality.

“…yes I understand your spells—your sex magic—at least, I know this: all lights dim when you walk in…”
― John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

Shaney Marie

A ritual addict, an alter devotee and obsessed with the potency of sexuality; Shaney discovered the power of magic through her ability to lead people into hypnotic and trance like states. Shaney is a sacred sexuality mentor, group facilitator and visionary in the realm of empowered living. Shaney combines tantra sexuality, embodiment, witchcraft and ritual magic to open people to their deepest sensitivity and personal power. A double leo, animal worshiper and lover of mid night adventures, Shaney is a leader in bringing sacred sex magic to everyday people.

Winter Icely

Winter found her witchy path as a child hearing and seeing spirit, finding delight in the darkness. She has read tarot for the past ten years and has facilitated workshops on magic, divine feminine wisdom and sensual power. Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor, she has worked as a Senior Practitioner with men, women and children who have experienced trauma. Winter is a published writer and one half of the dance duo Roar Temptress.
She values shame free wildness and unapologetic pleasure.

The Sex Witch Immersion Experience for All

Immerse deeply into the art of sex magic, ritual and spellcraft as we cast a circle of shadow and light…..

Sex Witch invites you to immerse yourselves in the mystery of magic and sensuality.

Sex Witch Immersion is a one day workshop and Temple Space where we will explore 


We will explore;

The alchemy of ritual and opening doorways

– An activation of our sensual and sexual energy bodies

– The element of practical magic and spellcasting

– Practices that deepen your intuition and awareness

A cultivation of your sensual power and connection to deeper pleasure in the body

– Sex Magick Practices and experiential rituals

This experience is for you if;

– Are curious about magic and ritual

– Wish to create more sacredness in your life

– Want to develop your inner guidance and psychic awareness

– Want to feel more pleasure in your body

– Have a desire to release shame around your sexuality

– Want to embody the most powerful version of yourself

– Wish to connect to a community with similar desires


The workshop is for all genders and sexual orientations.

This is a space where sex and spirit merge.

hosted by Winter Jade Icely and Shaney Marie
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Tickets $220




Spaces are limited


April 22 2017 Melbourne Victoria Australia


For more information contact;




What others say about Sex Witch

Isn’t it funny how the parts of ourselves that most frighten us are, ultimately, the most empowering? Sex witch is not the pretty, quaint, rose-quartz women’s circle; rather a wild, unapologetic, black obsidian powerhouse that will give you the opportunity to reclaim the power we’re so often told to hide. Reawaken your sexuality and the magic it can put in your life when you wield it honestly and with full integrity. Our day at the first sex witch initiation left me feeling shaken, but rebalanced – blown open, but more liberated. This is monumental work and thank the stars that it’s Winter & Shaney who hold the space; no matter how intense the day got, I had full trust in these women to guide and support us. If you’ve been feeling stagnant, cowed, trapped in the good-girl obedience model, come to sex witch and break the fuck out of it. In the end, this work is only for the courageous. Are you?


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m still pulsing. Still throbbing, waiting to return to my lover with my new lense, my new enchantenment, ready to be witnessed, to be explored anew. Ready. Your work is so important, especially as I had always thought I was a well fucked woman. I can only imagine what women who are never fucked will discover when they rediscover their own Sex Witches. Thank you from my pussy to yours.”

– Tina

“All I can say is thank you – I just spent the last 2 hours embracing my full sex witch with my husband and honestly it was like we’d never fucked before this night. Complete transformation (still incomplete – so much more to learn, explore, and play together, but you get the picture). Ecstatic king and Sex witch. My cup is overflowing (read: cunt cauldron) Thank you for eternity. Xxx”


“Thank you for helping me figure out how the fuck to heal- best bitches Ive met in a long time!”


“You spoke to me in a way that made me (for the first time in my life) think – “YES!! IVE FOUND A TRIBE, women that ‘fit’ me perfectly”