• You are committed to change, growth, transformation, evolution…this doesn’t mean it has to be comfortable, you just need to be willing to go there
  • You are ready to really feel deep into your heart and soul to uncover your unique truth’s
  • You are experiencing difficulties and need some guidance with the direction of your choices in a world with so many options!
  • Your connection to your physical well being, sexuality, emotional body and spirituality are a high priority
  • You are suffering from a sexual dysfunction and looking for holistic ways to approach this issue
  • You are willing to look at your fears, limitations, belief patterns and shadows
  • You want to align your sexual energy to your curiosities & purpose
  • You desire to learn about your potential as a conscious sexual being
  • You are a courageous individual who is ready to own all that you are and desire to live an extraordinary life!


Learn, inquire, meet me

1 hour
Skype or phone

You are new to working with me or we have history and you just want a check in with a support session.
This option is perfect to explore the foundations of being an erotically empowered being or just to re charge and get some awesome guidance.


Get clear on your intention, wants, desires
Explore meditation, visualization or an embodiment process
You will receive a task to anchor the changes into your life



1.5-2 hours

Discover the magic held within you

A four part series for women to learn about how enchanting and magical the feminine within is!

These sessions are perfect for women who want a deeper more embodied understanding of her power, tools for greater creativity and sensual exploration.

These are exploratory sessions to support an alive and rejuvenated system for women to be in the world from a relaxed and open state.

The content involves a journey of deepening into your connection to your self as a woman working with different practices and rituals that you can implement into your life to sustain and nourish the magic within you.
The 1.1 series allows for you to be mentored through this journey with support in processing what comes up along the path and also to encourage you to integrate it into your life in a grounded and anchored way.
My belief is that the most beautifully powerful woman (at least whom i have met) are the most connected to their bodies, their intuition and their ability to be unapologetic in their sensuality and sexuality.
My intention is to support you to harness this within yourself and maintain it.

Nudity or touch is not necessary for this journey to work their magic!


The power of a sexually sovereign woman
Pleasure and feeling enhancing practices
Take inspired action in areas you want more abundance and flow
Be set free of what no longer serves you



1.5-2 hours

Transformational programs for men

This is a journey of awakening and arousing you to the potency of your power as a modern man.
Do you know you are far more powerful than you have ever been told? Do you want to unlock your potential as a man and as a lover?

This is an opportunity to receive a deep mentorship experience from Shaney over four sessions.

Requires no genital touch to receive the gifts of these teachings.


Learn ways to harness and be empowered by your sexuality
Deepen your ability to feel and express these feelings
Receive tools to last longer sexually
Learn ways that support you to be more erotically activated and attractive