• You are committed to change, growth, transformation, evolution…this doesn’t mean it has to be comfortable, you just need to be willing to go there
  • You are ready to really feel deep into your heart to uncover the power held within you
  • You are experiencing difficulties with premature ejaculation and/or erection dysfunction, orgasmic blockages or any form of sexual dysfunction and are looking for holistic ways to approach this issue
  • Your connection to your physical well being, sexuality, emotional body and spirituality are a high priority
  • You have trouble letting go and surrendering into orgasmic bliss & ecstacy
  • You want to look at your fears, limitations, belief patterns and shadows
  • You want to align your sexual energy to your curiosities & purpose
  • You desire to learn about your potential as a conscious sexual being
  • You are a courageous individual who is ready to own all that you are and desire to live an extraordinary life!
  • Deep down you know there is more to your erotic nature
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Learn, inquire, Feel

2 hour minimum
Skype or Zoom

From anywhere in the world you can learn about the ways you can become empowered through opening up to your sexual wisdom’s.

Throughout the year i take on skype clients in between retreats and events where we work directly with where you are feeling blocked in regards to your emotional and sexual freedom.

These sessions are great for releasing shame, learning new tools and methods, practicing healthy communication skills, for seeking counsel and to receive tasks and resource suggestions to implement your leanings into your life.



We go through a full questioner unpacking your sexual, emotional, physical and spiritual relationship to self. This is a very revealing process that allows me to really see you, whats going on for you and be able to construct a plan for you to make incredible change in your life.

From there i take you through a process to deepen your embodiment and awareness giving you the foundational practices for a more conscious experience of your body and sexuality that will literally transform your paradigm. If you are not new to working with me we will continue to explore new areas for where you are at in your life and where you can focus and move towards.

I then prescribe you homework, aspects to explore and reveal for the following weeks or months. You will receive a document with all your tasks so you can continue to refer to them and stay on track.

How the session unfolds depth wise will be unique for each person. Some sessions are intensely erotic in nature, others emotional…it just depends on what you need.

Sometimes one session is all anyone needs and others continue seeking my guidance over months or years, its a unique experience for each person.

You will also receive a homework reading list and tasks to help the experiences integrate into your life.


This is a wonderful option for you if…

You are ready to level up and recognize your relationship to your sexual and sensual power is a key to being a healthy and successful human being.

You want to explore ways in which you can communicate more lovingly AND erotically

Express your desires with open receptivity

Practice your conscious erotic embodiment, communication and creativity

Re -pattern your erotic pathways, breaking unhealthy and outdated behavioral patterns that no longer serve you


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Connect, Explore, Transform

2 – 6 hour sessions

In person sessions are limited and a sparingly available offering.

Through deep psychological and embodied exploration and ritual, i will guide you to explore the hidden parts of your relationship to yourself and your sexuality.

These sessions are specifically designed for you to come into deeper embodiment  and awareness of your sensual and sexual nature while also discovering the power and potency of how your relationship to your erotic body affects all areas of your life.

Sessions can be explored as a 2-3 hour journey or an intensive one day workshop.

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