Sometimes im a bitch…and im ok with that….actually i fucking celebrate that part of me.

Last night i was told i was not nice.
It made me laugh and i found myself get stronger.

I am not here on this planet to be nice to everyone. If someone acts like a moron ill let them know about it and i am totally ok with not being liked…seriously i am because i know that i can be a bitch and i can also can be a deeply loving and kind hearted woman too.

I have found that people who are nice all the time often have repressed nasties and those nasties come out in gross ways, unclean ways, like vile projectile vomiting of unexpressed emotion…that’s when the bitch aspect of us becomes toxic.

I have found myself in a very frustrating situation where i was provoked to the point i said something that was honest but not necessary. I can be pretty good at holding my priestess powers but that also comes easier when surrounded by people who take ownership for themselves and their situations.

It is easier to be in my strength when the people i am around have developed abilities of traversing the emotional landscape of confrontation and un-comfort with courage and honesty…like real honesty, getting honest with oneself and not playing victim to life.

I live in a bubble sometimes, the people i work with and choose to spend my time with have such incredible skills in the way of communication, relating is somewhat easy…and with these people i go so deep…at times we sit in the fire feeling the intensity of disagreement and edge but what is so incredible is that these people i am lucky to be surrounded by OWN THEIR SHIT…when people own their shit and are willing to take a look at themselves and how they are playing a role in the creating the situation at hand, it makes life so much easier, it makes being a human so much more graceful.

What are the fundamentals of owning your shit and conscious communication

If you talk over and over and over a person the energy escalates and there is no space to feel whats happening…unconscious things get said and a mess is made. When everyone has the space to speak they are left feeling like they are respected even if what they say is not agreeable, we all deserve respect.

No one else is to blame for your situation (unless of course you got hit by a car or something). We are all responsible for our own lives, if something is not working for you then change it, get motivated, take charge of your life and stop blaming others…no one owes you anything.

The way we project onto others is often a powerful signal for where we also could clean up our own shit. So i told someone they were acting like a “baby”. Then when i got to bed i had to consider all the ways in which i too act like a “baby” and take ownership of those parts of myself. This is one of the most powerful tools for self development and self responsibility because honestly what we project onto others is mirrored back to us.

Intense conversations never get far when they are all about analyzing. When everyone speaks from the i feels scope, it helps the situation get to a phase of resolution in a cleaner more deep and true way. This is such a big one, it literally transformed my life.

This is a hard one for me. Its never good to leave things open and bitter. If a sorry is necessary to close the issue then just do it and move on. The ego may not like it but the heart does.

YOU DONT! Some people just dont gel with others and that is OK!
There can be this misconception in conscious circles that everyone should get along….i say fuck that it’s, a utopian dream.
We dont all have to like each other, its ok…you dont have to hang out but keep reminding yourself that underneath that mask is a fragile human being, we are all fragile human beings so we can have compassion for the mess….but still YOU DONT HAVE TO “LIKE” THEM. Yes we are all divine beings and we are all fucktards too. It is what it is.

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