A  mentorship program to discover the riches of the feminine, awaken your  sexuality & liberate your life

deepen your relationship with yourself, your beloved’s and your purpose.
awaken your unique magic as woman and discover your true desires and calling.

Develop and integrate feminine practice into your day to day life guided with monthly videos, meditations, group calls, rituals and informative pdf’s.

Traditionally women have always integrated spiritual practice into daily living.

Activities like household chores, brewing tea, dancing, purifying the body, monthly bleeding, pregnancy,sisterhood bonding, sensuality rituals are all ways in which women have had to develop their spiritual practices and yogas to be woven through their lives.

So much of what we have been taught about practice and meditation has been through a male and masculine filter. Disciplinary and with a focus on ascending away from the body and rather developing a mastery of the mind with a focus on consciousness…this is not the feminine way.

It’s a valuable tool for all people (gender aside) to develop and harness these traits,  however it will not bring the fullness of experience that is desired and attained through descending into the body and fully feeling the richness of your existence.

It’s time for women to reclaim their feminine power as a strength, not mimicking male practice as a path for spiritual attainment.

The feminine practice comes through the body and its emotional flow. Cleansing the system of stagnation, moving the body in roundness, moving from the stirring of devotion within, finding inspiration to be in our bodies pleasure and feelings of all types.



  • Discover and work with the 3 female power portals held within the body
  • Develop and integrate a modern approach to feminine  tantra
  • Explore sensuality and sexuality practices from the comfort of your own home to enliven your erotic body
  • Practices to maintain and harness your inner radiance while shedding stagnant energies held within your systems
  • Journey with archetypes to explore beyond the personal to recognise that you hold the power of all within you
  • Receive reading suggestions to build your very own sacred feminine library
  • Plus so much more

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