Love your embodied and sensual power

Your connection to your body, its emotions and your sensuality is the foundation from which you live a healthy, creative and inspired life.

The relationship you have to your sexual energy creates a portal from which you can access the depth of your human and spiritual existence

For far too long human sexual expression has been suppressed and continues to be today in many forms. Almost every single person on the planet experiences some form of sexual shame and a very small percentage of people are consciously aware of the healing potential our sexualities offer us.

When you learn how to harness your sexual energy to support your consciousness and greater purpose you will become an erotically empowered human being.

An erotically empowered person is more likely to create experiences in life that fulfill their highest values. They are more inclined to be active in what they believe in, go after what they want, illuminate radiance and strength and create the life their souls desire.

Your sexuality is one of your greatest teachers and most resourceful medicines

Your sexuality calls you into presence, activates healing and meditative states that scientifically affect your health and well being. It brings in transformational energy, releases stagnant emotions and its wisdom shows you where you need to go to navigate the complex world within. When you approach your sexuality with respect and depth, it has the potential to teach you about your magnificence.

 Basically your sexual energy is like a super power that unfolds when embraced with love and reverence

Through this work you are guided into the depths of your sacred erotic core, accessed through pleasure, vulnerability, heart and spirit to confront the self openly and honestly. You will learn how your sexuality has the capability to guide your soul to its truth and you will journey yourself as an erotically evolving being.

About Shaney

Shaney is an inspired creator using the power of conscious eroticicm to heal awaken and manifest a magical life.  Shaney utilizes sex education, deep embodied processing and ritual magic in her work to merge the sacred with the profane, the divine with the dark and magic with the mundane.

Shaney began her journey of erotic empowerment in strip clubs from the age of 18. It was during her erotic dance adventures, she began to realize that the modern day strip club is today’s version of the temple’s of ancient times. She discovered that many people are looking for deeper connections but there are scarce options for places of worship & nourishment.

Shaney began to explore the world of sacred sexuality, learning from many renowned elders. She went on to become a practitioner working specifically with men for several years before moving onto working with couples, women and groups.

Shaney founded a body of work called  Orgasmic Hearts, dedicated to supporting women and couples with the teachings of modern tantra sexuality. Shaney educates women on how to heal their relationships to men, while also supporting men in sessions to awaken to their greatest potentials. Shaney is a Dancing Eros facilitator guiding women to embrace the medicine of the 4 erotic archetypes the priestess, the wild woman, the maiden and the slut through erotic dance and ritual.

Shaney thrives on creation, she is an ideas woman bringing inspiration to any project she is apart off. Shaney is sex positive, a deep feeler, passionate and gentle hearted. She embraces all aspects of the erotic human, light or dark and dreams of a world not burdened in sexual shame.