Want to know the secrets

to deeper  pleasure?

Are you ready to step into your MAGICAL erotic power?

Sacred sexuality and the art of sex magic takes you on a journey through your erotic world embracing all of your desires dark or light from an authentic and honoring perspective. It is grounded in the idea that all parts of you are sacred and that it is how you approach those parts that really matters. Your sacred and magical sexuality shows you how to listen to what your body want ‘s from a place of non judgment, how to be more orgasmic, how to consciously move into altered states for transformation and how to experience erotic empowerment by utilizing your sexual energy rather than suppressing or ignoring it. When you fully embrace your erotic nature in its totality, you will catapult towards a more integrated and in touch human evolution individually and collectively. Sacred sexuality teaches you that in order to truly connect with someone, you first need to connect with yourself and then you can merge with another in true reverence.

Hello, Im Shaney

I am a New Zealander living in Australia, i moved here in 2004 ready to carve my own unique way in the world.

I am also a lioness, a dancer, a seductress and a flawed yet perfect human being, just like you are. My mission is to show you how powerfully liberating it is to love your sensual, wild and magical erotic nature.

I have a dream of a world not burdened by fear and sexual shame. I dream that with a little more time, people will come to realize that their sexualities are the most powerful force to be reckoned with (when approached consciously and respectfully).

Eroticism is to me a form of activism because i truly believe that people who are awake sexually and sacredly, are more free and liberated in their sense of self, with a greater capacity to dance to their own beat in a world that demands conformity. To choose a life of full and deep pleasure while willing to descend into the powers of the dark, is a rebellion.

I liken myself to lioness because to me courage is a necessity if this world is to thrive.

Welcome to my world. x

Be a Deeply Connected Woman

Orgasmic hearts is a powerful movement reuniting women with the wisdom of sacred sexuality and ritual after thousands of years of suppression.

Orgasmic Hearts offerings are designed to be of service to the woman of today by giving her access to potent information and practices that support her confidence, embodiment and awakening. Orgasmic hearts is about women supporting women, building the connection of sisterhood through open dialogue and sacred wisdoms to anchor embodied sensuality and relieve ourselves of conditioned shame.